How to get to know Belgrade better for a weekend

Belgrade has become very attractive to tourists from all overthe world in recent years. They are usually complex in assessing that ourcapital is not one of those cities that will e...

Why choose a daily rest in apartments?

They say that the daily break is mostly used by lovers, or is the truth a bit different?When a daily break in apartments located in the center of the city is mentioned most people ...

Where was the newest music video of ensemble “Djurdjevi Stupovi” made

Ensemble “Djurdjevi Stupovi” made a new music video in a spot with beautiful nature that is only 30 minutes drive from Belgrade.Last sunny days of autumn were used for ...

Hollywood actress chose an unexpected accommodation instead of the most exclusive hotel

In the middle of 2015. the shooting of the “Rift” an science fiction thriller film co produced by Serbia, Korea and Slovenia, gathered actors and professionals from all...

Horseback riding in countryside and school of riding for all ages

Professional riding instructors, English thoroughbred horses, beautiful and spacious menage, beautiful highland scenery on the slopes of Kosmaj and ethnic environment with refreshm...

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