Why choose a daily rest in apartments?

daily rest

They say that the daily break is mostly used by lovers, or is the truth a bit different?

When a daily break in apartments located in the center of the city is mentioned most people think about short term rent for a love meeting that requires great discretion and therefore the possibility of using a Belgrade hotel is out of the question, but that statement is not correct.

There are many reasons for one to rent an apartment for but a few hours a day and among them is renting an apartment by a parent that has an examination or a medical intervention later on during the day so therefore it is necessary to rest from travel for a few hours until the hour of appointment approaches. Sometimes the renters are professional bus and truck drivers that are passing through Belgarde, athletes that are readying for a competition, businessmen that have appointments, travelers that await the next mode of transit from Belgrade and so on and so forth.

There are sometimes curious reasons for renting an apartment for the purpose of daily break. Like one time a man via telephone reserved one of the Balkan-Inn apartments in the center of Belgrade in precise time for only a few hours under the condition that an apartment is equipped with LCD TV. We were all confused and the customer caught on and explained that he only wishes to watch the soccer game in peace because of the chaos in his home. We had a good laugh because we never had this kind of request.

Guests that pass through Belgrade have an ideal opportunity to spend a part of the day in Balkan-Inn apartments in the city center in order to refresh and rest for the next leg of their journey and try our cuisine typical for this part of the Balkans.

Daily rest and apartments are an ideal combination

During our many years of work we recognized the need for a daily break in some of our apartments. It happens often that many families that travel from northern European countries to Greece or Turkey and vice versa, stop in Belgarde for a short break before they continue their long journey. Some guesst rent an apartment for the night while the others rent an apartment for a daily break for 5-6 hours in order to take a shower, change clothes and rest before continuing on. Balkan-Inn team is ready to meet the demands for a short daily break that also include private parking space or a garage near the apartment.

Besides travelers, frequent guest are businessmen that arrive in Belgrade early in the morning and have a need for one of the Balkan-Inn apartments in order to rest, prepare and change clothes for the upcoming meeting and so on. This type of guest leaves the apartment in the early afternoon and after achieving his goals has an organized transport out of Belgarde.

Those few hours that are spent in our apartments are very important for the stay in Belgrade so in agreement with our staff, we arrange for the apartment nearest to the desired location.

It also happens that we pick up our guest at the airport, bus station, rail station and drive them to the apartment and after 5-6 hours we drive the guest back to the airport or any other desired location.

Balkan-Inn team is at service 24 hours every day and with the quality of service and apartments to please even the most demanding guests that are used to top notch service in famous hotels of Belgrade so therefore our daily break service adapts to the needs of every individual guest and tailored to his needs and the prejudice that lovers are the only ones using a daily break service is false and unfounded.

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